Everyone has been talking about Bahati and his sudden move to Gengetone music. He has been releasing song after song in the past months and they are all Gengetone tyoe. DJ Shitti, Jalangoo and Ogaobinna together made fun of how Bahati writes his Gengetone music.

On DJ shitti’s Instagram page, he posted a hilarious video of him and Ogaobinna. YY was present too. But the three were bent on making fun of Bahati’s style of singing. They were especially making jokes about how Bahati seems like he is crying in all his songs.

‘Mbona mnaharibu industry?’ Bahati’s EMB attacked for Gengetone gospel

DJ shitti shared the video that left his fans in laughter.

part one of how @bahatikenya i writes his Genge Gospels nowadays…..
part two dropping on Friday….

They used various words that Bahati has recently used in his song and included others that were more hilarious.

When two or more comedians come together. Great things happen.

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