DK Kwenye Beat aka Stamina Daddy and HopeKid are having it rough.

Yesterday night, disgraced gospel star DK Kwenye Beat spoke to singer Size 8 in a video interview where he revealed that lust is rampant in the gospel music industry.

He, however, did not address the rumors that he had infected a 20-year-old college student with an STI through rape nor did he address the threesome rumors.

On KISS FM today morning, Adelle and Shaffie during the Big Scoop with Uncle Chim Tuna dissected the topic and one concern they have is on the girl. The girl is one who is not used to the limelight and has a family.

Shaffie Weru says that it is wrong to want to expose someone for their wrongdoing but end up involving and shaming the wrong person.

The apology by DK Kwenye Beat and HopeKid looks scripted. This brings in the question, Was all this a publicity stunt? The question arose after Size 8 was involved in all the drama.

Size 8 spoke to DK Kwenye Beat where he confessed he lived a dangerous life back then but he is a changed man. Read all about it here:

‘It is not only me!’ DK Kwenye Beat confesses to Size 8 about lust and immorality

Size 8/ Instagram

Uncle Chim Tuna went on to reveal more juicy details. Apparently, Bahati came in with cops during the Thika Stadium event on the 31st  where he proposed to his girlfriend Diana Marua. The cops were there to take Nimo out of the event where she came with her father.

Ringtone went on social media to confirm that Mr. Seed talked to him on the issue and affirmed the accusation.


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