Rapper turned businessman DNG has spoken about a woman who broke his heart.

DNG highlighted a scenario with his ex that will make your heart bleed for him.

“A woman I loved once told me that I wasn’t shit because I used to drive ‘mummy vans’. She used those words to describe the Activation Vans we hire out to our Corporate Clients . Our business may not be prestigious, but it pays,” DNG explained.

Adding, “Our small, legitimate hustle is what God ordained. It’s what He put in our hearts. It is what He has & will always use to bless us & elevate us.”

The media personality who just recently bragged about his new acquisition, a brand new Benz, said:

“Spitefully, she then went ahead to compare me to the older men who her friends were dating & sleeping with (MPs, Governors, Nigerians & Somalis) who would dish out cash left and right. I told her it was unfair to compare me to men who started working before I was born. We parted ways, but I knew one day, I’d achieve everything she said I never had.”

He continued, “Moral of the story: Never let anyone break your spirit. Never let anyone put you down. Embrace your humble beginning & work towards greatness.”

‘We Have Started A Revolution!’ DNG Touts Youth Training Plan

DNG announced the arrival of his new machine saying: “Welcome home baby

In another post, he gave his fans hopes that if he was able to acquire the ride, they too can.

I share this so that you may be encouraged. I share this so that you may believe. I want you to know, the God who did this for me can do it for you too. Amen! 🙏 “Kama niliweza, wewe utaweza.” 🎤🎵

Here are some comments from fans;

thogorindegwa: Me I want to tag her ndio aone mungu wetu sio athumani!
irene_kirks: Wow! You are such a fighter and a go getter! Congratulations 🎉
coco_shee: Is this a true story… If it is woishe to her
cesciliah: Good on you…use words thrown at you to keep you down…as stepping stones for the levels HE has instore for you 🙂
petraneemah: Now you the shit!..she the flies hoovering around you… from glory to glory you will keep rising..trust the process..am happy for you! keep rising!😉😘
dads_wardrobe: Praise the Lord! @dngkenya u story is a reality..patience pays
joewmuchiri: I am Petty me ninge m-tag 🤣🤣🤣 f**k everything
ndunguantony17: 👊👊🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 hustle muhimu…. heko ndugu

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