Nyota Ndogo is one of the few female musicians we have that has a voice to die for. A melodic voice that is still powerful and touches the heart when one hears it. Sob, sob.

Nyota Ndogo

And her voice was able to get her husband in thrall with her. The man put a ring on it in 2016 and the dark-skinned singer has been gushing over him ever since. But she recently put him on the spot over why he even married her.

Nyota Ndogo and hubby
With her hubby

After enduring all hateful comments, she decided to post an interesting video on Sunday, May 27, of herself asking her bae if she was ugly. According to the recording seen by Mpasho.co.ke, the musician couldn’t help but wonder whether it was true most white men fall for ugly black men.

She asked her hubby:

“People often say white men are into African ladies but they can only be involved with the ones who are completely ugly. Is it true?” 

Her husband then brushed off the rumours as he laughed at the outrageous question. Nyota further probed him and went ahead to ask whether she was ugly.

Nyota Ndogo
Nyota Ndogo

Her hubby maintained she was pretty and extremely beautiful in his eyes. It goes without saying her followers including Akothee couldn’t help but get tickled by the short conversation.

Nyota Ndogo and hubby
Nyota Ndogo and hubby

The video is below:

There are many women who are insecure about their bodies. Even Beyonce cops to insecurity.

“I wear big earrings because I don’t like my ears.”

Beyonce on the Pyramid stage at the Glastonbury festival in 2011

Tyra Banks the creator of “America’s Next Top Model” also has body issues. In 2011, she wrote on Twitter:

“I’m jealous of people that can write computer code and chicas with no cellulite. What u jealous of?” Insecure ladies, unite!”

Tyra Banks
Tyra Banks

So be encouraged ladies. Even your stars have their own issues/demons they are dealing with.

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