Get money, spend money! These Kenyans are living it up! From lavish cars to expensive mansions not to mention their ever flashy lifestyles.

Their extravagance has attracted many as these celebrities take to  social media showing how flamboyant they are living.

Here are the celebrities to watch out for;

Steve Mbogo


The 34-year-old MP aspirant who has been rated as Kenya’s youngest billionaire doubles up as a Chief Executive Officer of a company that has operations in 4 continents with offices all over the world.

He also owns twelve 4-star hotels across the country, first-class apartment blocks, insurance companies, nightclubs across the country, a flight training academy just to mention a few.

Larry Madowo


Larry, a Kenyan journalist, is very popular  for his constant travels around the world and it is very evident how his lavish lifestyle has earned him a large following in the entertainment industry.



She is regarded as one of the richest Female artists in Kenya, owning a private jet,She shops in the most fashionable stores, drives flashy cars  and to top it all she owns 3 expensive apartment in the coast and one in Switzerland. Evidently  her business-minded brain is paying her.

Vera Sidika


Queen Vee The Bosset as she calls herself is a 27 year old Kenyan socialite who came to the limelight after she starred in the You Guy video by P-Unit. Since then, Sidika has had a good following especially from her male fans. She has a number of expensive cars and a mansion in Kileleshwa.