J Blessing is now being romantically linked to yet another celebrity.

Kamene Goro posted a picture of J Blessing kissing her forehead and you know what that means, he just wants to confuse you. Well at least that’s from the meme’s circulating on your Whatsapp groups.

She posed the picture and captioned:

Your support means the world to me @jibrilblessing …

He replied with a love heart and that stirred up comments.

J Blessing has been rumored to be the father of Avril’s baby, M. It has never been confirmed but when questioned about it, Avril said they will not comment but in case Amina Abdi ever has him come in as a guest, then she should ask him.

He was married to Chantelle after he dated Mwende Macharia up until their nasty split.

Clearly, J Blessing has a thing for celebrity women and now something could be going on with Kamene Goro.

J Blessing/ Instagram

Kamene is also a fan of male celebrities. Last year she ended her relationship wit Calvo Mistari and jumped into a ‘fling’ with Prezzo.

Minji Minji! Meet the new yellow yellow babe warming J Blessing’s bed

Fans always make a post lively with their comments. Here are  a few:

Janny: Don’t be a baby mama too.😂

Don: 😂😂😂 na venye huyu msee hukuwaga topscorer

Kali: Jibril…hawachangi mtu salama😂😂

Sonnie: I know who will be baby dadie


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