Every time Akothee addresses a certain matter, there is always some truth to it. She gives it to you as it, exposing the kind of people you might be surrounding yourself with who might be around to cause you harm.

For a pretty long time she’s been a victim to public scrutiny, something she addresses almost all the time and if you know Akothee, you know that none of the noise really affects her. She has more pressing matters to take care of than listen to haters.

‘Please unfollow me if I piss you off’ Akothee shouts

Well, Akothee has once again come out to give her two cents about people who might kill you while they hide behind their data bundles. She went on to share how social media is quite deceiving and it’s only sweeter if you are really your true life.

social media gets sweater when you are living your life, it can lead you into depression when the whole life around you is fake ! let fakeness be 5% and be true to yourself 95%, you are okay the way you are , dont compete with people who most of the time are lifted with data bundles , it only takes you a good phone , a friends car , a friends house/a hotel , and a good caption.”

She concluded by sharing how social media is full of lies and how people have grown jealous over what they see on their different social media platforms.

Social media doesnt give you a networth , dont tell me you fall in love with a person you saw on social media, social media has created jealous behaviour over illusion , people are envious of things , relationships & lifestyles that dont even exist , you fell in love with the data bundles lifestyle , social media can make you beautiful today and ugly tomorrow ! broke today and rich tomorrow , be thinned by yours, you are very okay , people need to stop looking for social networks to confirm or deny real life situations , shit is real out here , but you can also post your cockroaches if you feel so & let no one complain , people might kill for a life you don’t even have 🙄🙄.”

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