Khaligraph Jones has dropped another hit track from his album, Testimony 1990 that he released on the 14th of June.

The video of his song Instagram Girls is a million-dollar directed video. The storyline is of a certain girl, Shereefa who sent him a DM saying she wants to be friends with him.

Khaligraph had a master plan to take the girl home, do the thing but keep it on the down-low. His plans in the song failed because, after that night, the girl stole his jewelry, and left him with a headache after she drugged him.

“They gon’ turn you on, but when you take them home. Keti rada yao brathee. Cause when you take it off, then they will take it all. And disappear na maganji. So, don’t let them control you

These IG girls don’t play. They gon’ tell you lies which you gonna believe. Their aim is to take it all away
So ukiketi mbaya utakuwa deceived. Utajua Nairobbery ni robbery. So sorry, mpaka utoe offering, bro but juu lazima me niwa-play My nigga, I’mma be a player for life” Khaligraph Jones 

‘I don’t want to sleep with you! I have a wife’ Khaligraph tells Huddah

So many men on the comment section couldn’t agree more with the storyline of the song.

Khaligraph has once again proved that he is the OG which such a lit video that scooped him 10,000 views in just 40 minutes. #respecttheOG.

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