Singer Avril has disputed claims that music producer J Blessings is her baby daddy.

“Those are just rumours but I will not clarify or talk about it. J Blessing and I have a very good working relationship,” Avril said in a radio interview heard by

“He has actually shot four of my videos.”The mother of one says she is in good terms with her baby daddy although she is not putting him to the public any time soon.”

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Avril BabyI have the treasure which is my baby and we are in very good terms with his dad even if we never get to officiate the union I would still be content because we are a family. He was actually present during my delivery although he was not allowed into the delivery room.”

She adds, “My baby daddy is very responsible and very present in my son’s life, the reason why I keep him private is that I do not feel like it’s necessary.”

Avril regrets putting her previous relationship out in the public.

“My ex (Leslie Mugadza) loved having our love life publicized that is why our relationship was public otherwise I love keeping my life private. If you don’t agree can you tell me how many boyfriends I have dated?”

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Adding, “It was his way of telling everybody ‘she is mine’. He was a foreigner and he felt us putting our relationship out to the public gave him some form of security because everyone would know we are dating,” she said.

She says her motherhood journey has been amazing but the transition was not easy being a career woman.

“I always wanted a family, but sometimes life happens however I do not regret that I ended up with a baby daddy rather than a complete family.

It was earlier reported that Avril gave birth through a Caesarean Section (CS), but Avril also set the record straight.

The songbird reveals that her episiotomy is proof that she didn’t have a CS.

Episiotomy is a surgical cut made at the opening of the vagina during childbirth, to aid a difficult delivery and prevent rupture of tissues.

Avril’s son will be turning a year old in a months time.

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