J Blessing/ Instagram

J Blessing is the name you see on every big music video production.

He has dominated the entertainment industry as an amazing music director and even won awards for his great work.

To learn from his evolution, take a look at Avril’s song. He has been part of her music production ever since she started and you can see the growth of his amazing work.

In an exclusive interview with Kiss100, he was asked if he terms himself as one of the richest music directors in Kenya, he laughed it out and mentioned that such status does not define him.

I am content with what I have. Richness or money doesn’t define who I am. I can buy what I want and need. I’ve never desired to be the richest person so I have never competed on that. I thank God I can get what I want when I need.

So how did we come to the conclusion that he is a rich man? Well, one thing you will notice about J Blessing is that he barely if ever repeats shoes. We asked him how many pairs he owns and just to prove the fact above, he said he does not even know. Yani they are too many.

I do not know how many pairs I have, but I know in a year I do not repeat one show unless I have a favorite. I love shoes.

That is J Blessing’s weakness.

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In his career, he has directed more than 1000 videos aside form Churchill Show but now his main focus is the promotion of Pace Africa, his sound accessories company.

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