The Big Scoop: ‘Don’t rush for collabos in other countries,Be wise’ Hopekid

Earlier this week, one of Mpasho writers did an interview with Gospel dancehall artiste Hopekid and he had a lot to say and one of the topics was why Kenyans run to do collabos with Tanzanians.

His response was straight forward as he went ahead to say that, ““Be wise. When Tanzanians were invading Kenyan market, they didn’t need any Kenyan artiste. So when we want to invade theirs we want to work with them. we are playing ourselves. We have everything it takes.”

Hopekid tells off Willy Paul and Bahati for begging collabos with Tanzanians

Well, today on The Big Scoop, Adelle and Shaffie were joined by Mpasho’s Kalondu, one of the discussions was on Hopekid’s response and one thing Shaffie didn’t understand is why this kid is talking like that about his elders (He was joking).

Here’s the full video;

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