Maureen Waititu seems to be missing her ex if her post is anything to go by.

So since most of the Kenyans are at home in quarantine, the boredom and loneliness will soon creep in and for those single ladies, the first thought of comfort and companionship will be your ex.

She posted on social media a post to convince both herself and her fellow ladies against texting their ex-boyfriends.

“It’s a lonely time, but please don’t text your ex. Oh! Also, you know that person who isn’t your ex but was still important to you and hard to get over? Don’t text them either 🙊. Quarantine! I repeat Quarantine! #coronaviruskenya🇰🇪😷” Maureen posted 

She went on to post another gorgeous picture of her as follow up for the above post saying a time will come when women will be having some funny symptoms.

“Ladies, STEP 3, if you’re in quarantine x2, also be aware of nausea and cravings. Those are not symptoms of Covid-19. That’s effective quarantine. Remember to wash your hands, stay safe and be kind to one another.” Read her other post

‘In the last few months, I have been most vulnerable’ Maureen Waititu cries out

If you know, you know.

Maureen knew those two posts will get her followers talking so she added a small joke in another post.

Basically she wants to know how to achieve a flat tummy because she claims when she sits down, the tummy we are calling flat becomes a different situation.

Also watu wa how did you get your flat tummy? When you find out I also want to know😅, Kwa kuketi Mambo ni tofauti. #coronavirusKenya

Maureen has been very vocal about her feelings on social media after rumours started circulating that her ex, Frank Just GymIt and Corazon Kwamboka are dating.

The two have been spotted together for a while now but best believe, I will fill you in on that tea.

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