Doreen Gatwiri Majala is one celebrity who has had it rough on social media.

She is never afraid of posting her personal things on social media and the consequence is that she is always being trolled.

The new NTV screen sensation has been making headlines since she anchored the news at Ebru TV, probably for her gorgeous personality.

The last time Doreen made headlines from her twitter posts was when she told the whole world she has been brutally battered by her husband.

That was the first time she was talking about it ever and so friends and family got to learn about it via social media.

Doreen was seeking help as she was afraid for her life.

Recently, things didn’t go well with KOT after what many say was ‘flaunting her wealth.’

What happened was, Doreen took to social media to ask fans whether to use her expensive Range Rover or her Mercedes to give her pet a drive. What a life!

Check out screenshots of fans’ reaction:Doreen Majala

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