Is There Anything Wrong With Living Out Crazy Romantic Fantasies?

We got a pretty interesting call on our show The Morning Kiss from a chic who was caught in a predicament with the boyfriend.

She explained that her boyfriend is into role playing and it’s currently freaking her out. The two have been dating for a year and planned a trip to Naivasha this Easter for their first anniversary. Everything was going  smoothly until the guy gave her a high school outfit and begged her to wear it for him. The boyfriend then later confessed that his fantasy was to see her dressed like a school girl.

This begs the question “Is there anything wrong with living out your romantic fantasy?” I think there is nothing wrong with this…. It’s just for fun and it doesn’t mean anything other than living out a fantasy.

Shaffie Weru on the other hand disagrees with me, saying that any man who tells the girlfriend he likes school girls, will end up leaving them for one if he is not lungulaing one already.

“Any fantasy should remain in a guys head,” he adds. Is this true? Join the conversation with Shaffie Weru and I (Kalekye Mumo)

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