The better part of this year has been pretty tough for Dr Ofweneke and his baby mama, Nicah The Queen, after they finally split.

Nicah actually came out and revealed that Dr Ofweneke assaulted her when they were still together, something that he vehemently denied, stating that he was raised better and would never lay his hand on a woman.


DRAMA! Gospel Musician Nicah Allegedly ASSAULTED By Her Husband Dr Ofweneke (PHOTOS)

Well, that didn’t end there. Nicah came out strongly to reveal that Dr Ofweneke was lying about being a good father to Nicah’s other daughter whom she sired with another man before meeting Ofweneke. This happened after he was interviewed on Let’s Talk and started that he loves Nicah’s daughter just as much as he loves their daughter whom they sired together.


He said, “I walked out last year. I woke up one day and told her hey I think God has given us one beautiful child and this beautiful one that you came in with and I think for the peace of both of us, let’s have a peaceful separation and I told her, I don’t want to be those kind of men who are gonna throw the woman out of the house. So I told her I just need my clothes and I told her, God bless you. I have been brought up by an amazing man, my dad. And my father brought me up with certain values as a man and one of them is responsibility. So I told her about the kid, actually the kids because the other one calls me daddy, so she’s mine as well and I love her equally as I love Debbie. And I told her about the kids, I will take care of them, but for us I think this might not go well.”

Dr Ofweneke

β€˜Why Do You Always Lie?’ Nicah The Queen Exposes Dr Ofweneke For Lying On TV About Her First Daughter

Things seem to have changed. Nicah has just released a new song ‘Naringa’ after a really long break and Dr Ofweneke couldn’t be prouder as he took to social media to shower her with praise.

πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯THE EAGLEπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ | No matter what she is still one of the best vocalist of the industry that I know and respect,Mama Debbie brings you a new one from her many projects to come #Niringe 😎😎😎😎 Watch the song on Youtube now 😎😎😎,” he wrote.

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