Dr. Ofweneke is a man full of praise and love after receiving the biggest blessing yet in 2020. He is the newest celebrity dad in town.

Last week, we were surprised to see manz announce on social media the arrival of his daughter, Baby Eisley Favor Sande. Clearly, he has learned from his past to keep his life private.

I mean we did not know manz has a serious girl, let alone that she was pregnant which you know takes 9 months. Even though they say mimba haifichiki, this one was very much hidden.

After seeing her face, Dr Ofweneke had a sweet message of assurance to her and you can read it all below:

‘I will protect you from Brayo and Kevo’ Dr Ofweneke announces birth of daughter

We are yet to know who his baby mama is, but if you know The Eagle, you know he will protect his two angels from the cruel social media world.

Ofweneke posted video’s singing to his baby the famous John Legend song, Love Me Now.

“I don’t know who’s gonna Kiss you when I am gone, so I am gonna love you now like it’s all I have” Lyrics to the song

Baby Eisley was feeling the love of his father, all she did was quietly listen to him. This is what you call true love, it is written all over Ofweneke’s face. So cute right?

Here are the first-ever pictures of Baby Eisley on her crib:

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