Dr Ofweneke’s baby Mama Veronicah Wanja popularly known as Nicah the Queen has been keeping a low profile of late.

Nicah left many shocked last month after she made allegations that her baby daddy comedian Ofweneke is a wife batterer.

DRAMA! Gospel Musician Nicah Allegedly ASSAULTED By Her Husband Dr Ofweneke (PHOTOS)

Nicah went on to delete all the photos on her Instagram a sign of new life after Dr Ofweneke and she is doing well.

Nicah has once again caused a stir online after she leaked screenshots of her conversation with Bongo superstar Harmonize who is signed under WCB records.

Nicah the Queen

The Pagawisha singer did this maybe just to let the world know that she and Harmonize chat.

She later posted another snap claiming that today being April 1st it is Fools Day, she won’t trust anyone starting with Harmonize who told her that he was coming to Kenya.

Nicah the Queen