Babu Owino is in trouble after causing drama early this morning at the popular Nairobi entertainment spot, B – club.

According to a close source, the drama started at 5 am in the morning, when Babu walked to the deejay booth where the in house deejay, DJ Evolve was playing. It is then said he shot him. The reason has not been established as to why he shot the DJ.

babu owino
Babu Owino

The source said,

“There is Drama in the building. I walked in to find slay queens wailing, guys running around, and watchies in panic. Babu Owino had drawn his gun and shot somebody at B Club. Babu has now taken the guy to the nearest hospital.” 


At 6 am in the morning after the drama, the Embakasi MP, Babu Owino was arrested over a shooting incident at B club on Galana Rd, Nairobi. The DJ is seriously injured after being shot on the neck during the dramatic incident.

Babu Owino expresses fear over death threats

More details will come later.

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