Tanzanian diva and singer Ray C went through the hardest time of her life when she realised that she was addicted to drugs.

Ray C was definitely the most talked about musician in 2014 and last year after she came out to confess that drugs ruined her life and music career, but is now on the path to recovery.

Ray C real name Rehema Chelamila was introduced to drugs by her ex-boyfriend and rapper Lord Eyes, who later dumped her, leaving her desperate and broke.

Love Conquers All: After Battling With Drug Addiction, Ray C Turns To Self-Love For Quick Recovery

Back in 2015, Ray C worked on losing weight that she had gained when battling drug addiction. She seems determined to make a musical comeback and give her fans some new music.

Ray C

Back in June, an emotional video of Ray C emerged online, showing her attempting to commit suicide using a knife but thankfully police rescued her on time and the singer was arrested.

Though she has not managed to get back on the music scene, Ray C is still hopeful and has turned to God and love to help with her healing journey as she undergoes therapy.

Ray C bursts into tears after being denied Methadone (Video)

Well, Ray C shocked many of her fans when she went to her social media to reveal her undying love for Nigerian artiste Wizkid, real name, Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, and how much she can’t stop listening to his music.

Nani anaeweza kuziba maskio pindi askiapo wimbo wowote wa wizkid?mimu siwez,shabiki Mimi makini namkubali sana wizkid,style ya muziki wake uandishi wake bidii yake na uboea wa kazi yake makes me one of number one fans, he is so dedicated in his work,his Jamaican style mixed with Afro rhythms makes me fall in love with his music

On the same note, she shockingly revealed that the Ojuelegba hitmaker has blocked her on Instagram, and doesn’t understand why Wizkid would do that since they have never met.

Well, I hope that she tried to follow the official Instagram account which has been verified, otherwise, why would Wizkid block her? Check out her continuation of the post below;

Ila sasa lakini wizkid ndio nini kuniblock lakini,roho inauma ujue,hivi unajua moyo unauma,wewe yani kila nikijifanya naingia kwenye page yako nikibonyeza tu follow ati Noooo Photos hivi nimekuudhi nini we mtoto mweeee!ila na mi nae sikumbuki hata nilimwandikia kitu gani mtoto wa watu mpk akaniblock mweeee inaniuma acha tu sema na mi mjanja nikimkumbuka tu naingia YouTube !namsikiliza weeeeeee kidoooogo karoho kanatuliaa,ila wiz nioneage huruma mdogo wngu mi shabiki tu mweeeh!am his number one fan…..seriously I came to believe that a power greater than myself could restore me to sanity [email protected] mweeeh wenzangu mna raha mkibonyesha tu hilo jina mnaingia tu mwenzenu nikibonyeza tu jibu NO PHOTOzzzzzz mweeeh