Today’s Morning on Kiss with Kamene and Kibe is quite interesting. They are throwing people out of a bus they are calling Kenya.

Andrew Kibe says this discussion gets him very emotional.

Being a call-in show, listeners called in and sent messages to the duo. People out here are very bitter with their exes. Many women and men who called in want to throw their ex-lovers under the bus and makes sure they are crushed.

Kamene threw a man who ghosted her yesterday under the bus. So Kamene had a date and she had planned for this up until time ran out and it hit her manz not coming for the date.

to the man who stood me up yesterday, I am throwing you under the bus with another man also stood his fiance up on their wedding day. How do you just live all that time and then walk out on the wedding day? You and that man for jana, in one belt and under the bus

Kamene Goro opens up about her dark experience with Kenyan police

When we thought she is done with the throwing, she quickly mentions Willy Paul should be part of that squad.

the guy who sang this song, shado mado under the bus. I am sorry bro but…

She also threw Prezzo, Mariga and Kriss Darlin under the bus. Two were vying for Kibra MP seat under various ticket nominations and it was wrongly rumouored that Prezzo was among the aspirants. Please note Prezzo is a very close friend to Kamene but hey.

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