Eddy Kenzi has finally apologized to his ex-wife, Rema Namakula, with whom the artiste and record label executive shares a 5-year-old daughter. This follows what can only be described as one of the most toxic split-ups East African have ever been treated to that even went as far as involving a fan who sued to stop Rema Namakula and her now-husband Dr Ssebunya Hamza from having their wedding. read about the fans reasons for doing so in the link below:

Eddy Kenzo mocks his ex-wife after her planned wedding fails

Eddy Kenzo has since moved on since the break-up and even explained the divine reasons behind why he decided to let Rema go and not fight for their relationship and love.

Eddy Kenzo explains why he dumped his ex wifey

Well, he has now done something rather mature. The Ugandan music star has apologized to his ex wifey in the statement below:

Stronger than ever. Everything happens for reason ALHAMDLILLAH 🙏. I´m not supposed to write on social media for now but fans are my family if I don let it out nyinza okwabika. Nsaba Allah wenasobya ansonyiwe. I´m very sorry to all of you my friends I didn´t mean to disappoint you. I´m so sorry 🙏

I´m a strong person naye waliwo ekisuuka banange simanyi oba I deserve all this naye nsaba munsonyiwe. Nze Rema akimanyi bulungi every time I get a success or a big problem I always do cry singa maama abadewo nampa hug. She knows how much I do miss my mother. I was tortured when I was growing up I remember deep in the nite nga olusi ofunhye woteka omutwe as a kid nkuba nejja nga yamanyi. Remember fetwasula nga mumyala ngz awo ekidako okaaba oyite maama. I´m so sensitive when it comes to my mother because she wanted to groom us in a good way so that nafe tuba ku same level as all of you. Naye mukama yagera bwatyo I have been going through a lot in this relationship. Naye nga siyina gwe nyinza kukabira olaba nziruka munyumba eyange jenasonda obusonzi kamu kamu that natendewalirwa bwemba jenaraga safuna mukazi mulala mpaka kati judges think twice naye nagezako nga omusajja nvumidwa munyimba ebivumo nensirika. When you listen to my songs like terera, tereza, don´t care wenvuma because I respect.