Eddy Kenzo has finally revealed why he left his ex wifey, Rema Namakula.

Eddy Kenzo mocks his ex-wife after her planned wedding fails

Whether or not there is any residual animosity here, what is clear is that Eddy Kenzo was the one who called it quits in his relationship but Rema Namakula is the one who has moved on.

Eddy Kenzo’s ex-wife cleared to marry the love of her life

Eddy Kenzo opened up about what exactly it was that led him to part company with Rema and he claims it was divine intervention. You read right, he claims God, Allah in his case, told him to leave her alone.

…God asked Eddy Kenzo, am God Allah you believe who made man including your enemies in order to put you on trials and test. Do they understand?. God asked Eddy Kenzo. They harassed him to Mary their daughter who came to be his girlfriend before is ready and God told him, you are not ready. They need your fortunes but not you. A real wife or real lovers don’t force you to rush for marriage. God took Eddy Kenzo to Mecca to pray and see all enemies by His Side.