Eddy Kenzo

Once upon a time, a man called Eddy Kenzo met a woman called Rema Namakula. Boy meets girl, boy woos girl. Girl falls madly inlove with boy and they decide to make a life together.

Unfortunately, not all love stories end in a happily ever after. Eddy Kenzo and Rema’s love story ended prematurely. They went their separate way and though many people, Eddy Kenzo included will have you believe their breakup was amicable, there is no such thing. One person will undoubtedly feel butthurt.

And in this instance we can see that Eddy Kenzo is the butthurtee as news that his ex-wife was going to wed her new man, Sebunya Hamza. Then someone random decided to sue the couple to stop the wedding and Eddy Kenzo was left cackling, clapping and cheering the new development.

He took to his Facebook page and laughed at the news: