Eddy Kenzo’s ex, Rema Namakula finally got to have her fairy tale wedding to her beau, Dr Hamza Sebunya. It should be remembered that A fan of Eddy Kenzo’s had moved to court to stop the wedding on the grounds that it was a contravention of the rules that govern doctors and their relationships with their patients -Dr Hamza was Rema’s OBGyn.

Eddy Kenzo mocks his ex-wife after her planned wedding fails

Now she has finally gotten to walk down the aisle and Eddy Kenzo has spoken about her nuptial ceremony.

“You sabotaged my career!” Eddy Kenzo’s ex Rema Namakula attacked by upcoming singer

My friend Rema, I dearly congratulate you upon reaching this special day as God had planned it for you and pray that you enjoy it greatly. I also pray that you close your ears to the negativity that surrounds us and always know for a fact that I am your true friend who wishes you well.

Congratulations to you and your husband and please enjoy because it is God who prepared this special day,