Fena Gitu

Kenyan songwriter, singer and producer Fena Gitu has bravely shown off her curves.

Ladies and gentlemen, Fena has finally gone all out in a black high waist two piece swim wear.

Now everyone is buzzing about it.

Fena is also known for her tomboy character and boyish sense of fashion.

In one photo she announced the renewal of her deal as one of the faces of Kenyan-owned hair care line, Marini Naturals.

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” It’s an absolute pleasure to be part of this beautiful family. It has been amazing watching the team grow and build together. I cannot wait for all the fun, sexy, dapper projects lined up for 2019, we are literally taking over African Haircare  Thank you Team Marini for choosing me again to represent your brand. QUEENING”.

The Marini Natural founder Mitchelle Ntalami went ahead to praise her by saying: We didn’t just sign you for your head,” adding, “Twice because once could never be enough, welcome Queen.”

While Edith Kimani her pal added, “Holly f*ck!!!!! What in the sexiness is all this drip? kuanga fair saa zingine. It’s Monday and some of us are trying to stay focused Michelle Ntalami can we make this a billboard.”

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Beside’s Edith, here are more reactions to her bikini body:

Mini mars was seemingly lost for words, as she exclaimed, “Fenaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!.

Another fan said, “Waah utatumaliza.”

Another gushed, “Fenaaaa umeamua Leo we don’t breathe priis,” adding, “She can steal your man too fena maaanzee I love this.”