He has been lurking from the shadows for some time now…and many have been asking where he has disappeared to…. but the talented singer is BACK!

Eko Dydda was one of the flared Kenyan singers that gained massive fame from his numerous tunes such as ‘Niko na reason’ featuring Holy Dave. Ever since he has disappeared from the lime light, and we can bet fans are more than ecstatic to find out he is back.

His fellow musician Holy Dave announced that Eko Dydda will be releasing his tune soon dubbed ‘Nina One’ with a powerful message for the singer.” My brother Eko Dydda and I are releasing our new songs on the same weekend! Check out a preview of his heavy new song ‘Nina One’ coming out on Saturday. Mad respect @ekodydda” He captioned the teaser of the tune.

The tune seemed really classy and unique judging from the teaser below. We cannot wait.

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