Elani is a Kenyan music group that has a reputation for dropping hits after hits. Their voices gel with each other in the most glorious of ways. This year though, they have been very quiet and have not been seen or heard of in any events or concerts. The last time song we heard a new song from the group was last year. But wait no more, hungry fan, they are about to release a new album.

In an exclusive interview with Kiss 100, Maureen Kunga of Elani talked about the loss they made when they held a concert. Apart from the financial loss they made, she believes that it was good for the brand and that they learn’t a lot of lessons from it:

“Although it was a financial loss it really helped the brand so its not something that we regret. Our take away was more in terms of planning, it was our first time planning a big event. Its not such surprise that we made a loss. But the main lesson that we learnt was, believe in yourself regardless of the outcome. If you’re doing it for the right reasons it is okay because at the end of the day yes we went through financial losses but it was a concert that we did whole-heartedly but the loss didn’t discourage us to try again.”

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The election also affected their work and income in a huge way. The political atmosphere and the tension, put a bump on everything, not just them but on the country as a whole. But Maureen is positive about the future and hopes things will fall back in place and peace may reign.

“We should look forward to leaving the worst behind us is and hope for a better future. But the main thing is reconciling and moving forward.”

Maureen admits that they have heard a lot of rumours about Elani but they have learnt how to have a thick skin and ignore what people say about them. They have never been really affected with any rumour that they have heard to a point it shutters them into pieces. She said;

“You learn how to focus on your things and the work that you’re doing and your purpose regardless of what people are going to say or do. Nothing has really ever struck out as to a point where we are like..ohh my goodness this is so horrible. I cant believe someone said that!”


Just like any music group, Elani is no exception to people disagreeing and having different ideas. They face many challenges working as a group but they have learn’t how to overcome them. She continued:

“Wanting to do one thing and someone else wanting to do another thing was a huge challenge but we have learn’t how to be patient with one another. Sometimes we might go back and forth without finding a solution but now we have sort of come to terms with everyones individual personality. And as long as you respect each other, then its alright. At the end of the day people are doing what they are doing or believing what they are believing for the good of the group no one is pushing for an agenda so that the group can fail.”

They have come to understand each other which has really worked out for them. They now receive each others ideas with respect and honor each others word.