Bahati has announced that he is looking for three talented Kenyans to sign to his record label, EMB and as such, he will be promoting their content and making them a star.

Bahati celebrates relaunch of EMB records

Bahati made this announcement through his record label’s social media account. However, it would be remiss of me not to mention that Bahati has had his fair share of issues with some of the signees to his record label.

Weezdom was the first signee Bahati had who left after they had a faling out because Weezdom was spotted hanging out with Willy Paul back when the Willy Paul/ Bahati beef was heated. Bahati went as far as to delete Weezdom’s videos off the EMB Youtube account. They have since made up with Weesdom tucking in his tail and returning home to Papa Bahati.

Weezdom finally reveals why he tucked his tail and ran back to EMB

The other former signee, Mr Seed had an epic falling out with Bahati because of the fact that Diana Marua called police on Nimo Gachui, his then fiance. This happened at the EMB New Year’s concert and since then, Mr Seed has gone on to set up his own record label.

Exclusive: ‘I left EMB because my fiancée was disrespected and it hurt me’ Mr Seed cries out

But if you believe in your heart of hearts that this is an opportunity you would like to risk it all for, then by all means, contact the EMB FG account: