I’m sure nobody expected Eminem to have performed at the Oscars. Had you been given the chance, your first pick would not have been Eminem.

Eminem gave an outstanding performance at the academy awards. He performed his Oscar-winning hit and a karaoke classic ‘lose yourself’

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There was shock all through the entire Dobly Theatre on seeing Eminem perform. I mean you could see the confusion on Billy Eilish and Idina Menzel’s face.

Eminem’s performance got a standing ovation all through the crowd. Kelly Marie was even seen singing along to Eminem’s hip hop song.

Here is what Eminem tweeted;

@the academy, sorry it took me 18 years to get here.

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Eminem had won the Oscars back in 2002 when ‘Lose yourself’ was nominated as the best original song at the Oscars.

However, during the oscar’s then, Eminem did not avail himself to receive the award. Making this year’s performance a special occasion to him. And of course, for Slim Shady.

If you were shocked by this performance, remember that this is the Oscars, it often gives you the unexpected.

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