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Ciara married NFL star Russell Wilson on July 6, 2016 in Cheshire, England and welcomed their first child together – daughter Sienna – on April 27, 2018.

And on Friday, Ciara shared her music video for her new song Beauty Marks – featuring footage from her fairytale wedding as well as when she gave birth to her baby girl.

The artist, 33, said on Instagram she was ‘sharing some of the most vulnerable and special moments of my life with you’ in the new video.

Adding: ‘This album. This song. This Video symbolizes how we can turn our scars in Beauty Marks, and there’s no greater feeling than turning your tears of sorrow into tears of joy. #BeautyMarks.’

The birth takes place in the second half of the video.

 Towards the middle of the music video, the screen turns black and a date is show – April 28, 2017 – which is the day she gave birth to daughter Sienna.

A pregnant Ciara is seen on a hospital bed as she holds Russell’s hand; the star is in labor at the hospital.

The duo are smiling – with Russell changing into hospital scrubs for the birth.

The footage from her birth is shown with the doctor, nurses and Russell prepping for delivery; Ciara is heard crying out ‘I can’t’ and a nurse telling her ‘you got this.’

The doctor and Russell is seen holding the baby after delivery; the doctor says to Russell and Ciara how pretty their baby girl is in the touching moment.

They place the baby on her chest as the newborn is heard crying moments after birth.

‘I love you’ Ciara bursts out in tears on live TV after surprise message from Russell

Russell is seen smiling ear to ear as he looks at his baby girl on Ciara’s chest.

Ciara is heard singing softly to her baby girl ‘happy birthday to you’ as Russell plants kisses on his daughter.

Watch the video below but make sure you have some tissue:

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