Empire’s Omari Morocco is in town!

Morocco Omari is an American film, television, and theater actor, screenwriter, producer, and a director.  Best known for his role as Tariq in the Hip-Hop television drama series Empire, Chicago Fire, Prison BreakHomelandMalcolm & Eddie, NCIS and The Beast, and 24.

On Empire, a show that’s filmed in Chicago, Omari plays FBI agent Tariq Cousins.

He co-stars in Empire with lead actors Terrence Howard and Taraji Henson.

He is in the country to help grow the entertainment industry. Omari will be training upcoming actors and directors at a two-day workshop in Kenyatta University.

Today, he had the opportunity to visit the Nairobi National Park courtesy of Bonfire Adventures and from the pictures online, he looks like he is having an amazing day taking pictures.

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