Maisha Magic is a home for the local talent of many artists. Shows have been produced and showcased in Maisha magic that are very entertaining and talent promoting too many people and actors.

Selina TV actor, Kone, buried today afternoon, hours after his death!

For lovers of television series, here are the series to watch in Maisha Magic East channel.


Selina is a series that tells the story of an intelligent young woman of humble beginnings. She is bright enough to complete high school and has an aspiration of joining the university. Her stepmother, however, sells her off as a maid putting on hold her dreams of joining the university.

She, later on, gets on the good side of her employers and turns all that she touches turns to something better. The series is starred by celestine Gichuhi as Selina and pascal Tokodi as nelson

Maisha Mkanda

This is the Maisha magic series that provides the audience with the topic of the trend. The series produced by John Allan Namu has been one of the most amazing and educative series. The stories in this series are narrated in a very impressive style

It reveals a lot about Kenya – the exciting and the terrifying side too.


Real queens fixed each other’s crowns might just be the theme for this series. It is a comedy-drama series. The series follows on five women and their daily struggles in life. How they are able to push through life, fun, friendship, career, and relationships.

The series cast consist of the famous actor Naomi Ng’ang’a, kate actress, Brenda Mwai Nyokabi Macharia and Minne Kariuki.

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