1.Simon Matheri

When the entry on the Most Wanted List is titled Public Enemy No. 1, then you know the man is completely ruthless. Matheri begun his working life as a taxi driver in Rongai. He was arrested and jailed for arson for five years at the one place where hardened criminals in KE are manufactured, Kamiti Prison. In his short career, Matheri was said to have shot and killed or wounded numerous people and is probably the only violent robber in Kenya who once had a  (It has since been removed).

2. Shimoli ‘The Jackal’

When Shimoli was released from Kamiti prison on March 15th, 2007, he had a record of having escaped from prison three times and was a mere ghost for ten years. He escaped after a gun battle at Uhuru Park, then shot two policemen who stopped him as he drove a stolen Mercedes. As part of his theatrics, he removed some weed from his pocket and lit it up in the courtroom. The foolish, act got him one more year in the slammer. During an

During an interview outside Kamiti prison, he expressed his fear that he would be killed and he was right because two months later, his body was lying on the cold tables of City Mortuary with a single bullet wound to the head. When he was arrested in 2002 in Kiambu, Kamiti prison officers visited the police station and identified him as the same man who had escaped death row in 1996. He was reported to have, among other people, shot his own wife in the back and killed his brother-in-law after he suspected they had betrayed him.

3. Wanugu and Wacucu

In the late 1990s, a gang of four criminals made a name for themselves in Nairobi. The criminal extraordinaire committed at least six murders, many violent robberies and bank heists. The suspected gang leader, Wacucu, was the first of the gang to die after he was gunned down in the far-off autonomous country of Rongai on 4th January 1996. As he fell, his comrade Wanugu stole his gun and bolted. So much for the brotherhood huh?

Obviously the list goes on so keep it locked for more...