We are living in a world where relationships have become all about lies, deceit, and dishonesty. If you find a good spouse who will stick with you through thick and thin or stay faithful through out, you're lucky!

What would you do if you saw your friend's boyfriend or girlfriend with another man or woman kissing, cuddling, and having a good time in the absence of their lover, in another country?

Huddah, The Boss Chic, is known as one of the most beautiful and sexy female celebrities in the Kenyan showbiz industry, and recently she launched her own cosmetics line which focuses on lip balms and lipsticks.

We all thought that she had stopped her socialite lifestyle but a few days ago, she travelled to Dubai to watch one of the most expensive Formula 1 races, the Grand Prix 2016.  She shared a photo with what looked like her new flame, a white guy with tattoos on his arms.

She has since been flaunting her fun time in the UAE country, as she enjoys the races, lavish lifestyle of the rich and famous. As we all know, when Huddah decides to party, she goes all out.

During her vacation in Dubai, Huddah spotted her friend's boyfriend with another woman, kissing and having a blast, and the most interesting part is that her friend thought that Huddah wanted her man the whole time.

Remember what I asked up there, when I started this article? Yes, this is the situation I was talking about. What would you have done if you saw your friend's guy doing that?

Well, for Huddah, she decided not to call up her friend or tell her that she saw her boyfriend messing around and spoiling another lass. Her friend has always thought she wanted her man. Huddah also revealed that she would never date her friend's ex-boyfriend.

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