The ongoing investigations in relation to drug usage and trafficking in Tanzania are taking a new turn every day, as Wema Sepetu's mom was shocked to learn.

The latest news is that of Wema Sepetu being questioned after she was apparently linked in the investigations. According to bongo5.com, Wema Sepetu’s mom has been visiting the police station where her daughter was summoned so as to know her fate.

Clearly, in a state of agony, Wema’s mom said she is waiting for the police verdict so as to know whether her daughter is to be taken to court.

She said she’s very hurt by the incident involving her daughter’s arrest and as a parent, she has no other choice but to await the final decision on the matter.

“Kama mzazi nimeumia sana ila kwa sasa ninawaomba mniache maana siwezi kuongea kitu chochote kuhusu hili, hadi hapo polisi itakapotoa maamuzi yao ya uchunguzi wanaoufanya, ndiyo nitajua nini niseme,” Wema’s mom said to a Tanzanian publication.

After giving her take on the issue, she seemed to be in a really pensive mood, which is apparently unlike her as she usually quite jovial.

A number of stars are said to have been summoned including Vanessa Mdee, TID, Dogo Hamidu and Chidi Benz.