Vanessa Mdee is one the most amazing and talented female celebrities in East Africa. Wait. Did I say E.A? Scratch that. She is recognised not only regionally but internationally as well.

Her music career has blossomed over the years with her songs toping charts left, right and center. Don't let her petite body deceive you. She's one powerful lass who's gone far and beyond to make her name a brand.

The cash madame is a style guru. I mean, everything she wears becomes a trend and pretty daring. She believes in making a statement with what she wears be it clothes, jewelery or hair.

But one thing we can't get enough of is her love for sunglasses, and I'm not talking about the fake sunglasses sold on the streets, but designer sunglasses. Well, she's the cash madame so she can afford them.

The best part is that she knows what kinda glasses go well with her face structure considering that's one of the most important aspects of shopping for glasses.

Check out some of her killer sunglasses. Oh, and your welcome (wink).