Sauti Sol are the most celebrated boy bands not only regionally but internationally too. They have grown over the years to a group that is giving people sleepless nights.

With their different talents in place, the four ninjas have given us nothing but pure music that we play over and over again. I mean, is there anyone who gets tired of their music? If there is, I think you need to sit down and think about your life.

Sauti Sol are loved no matter where they go. They have managed to build a good relationship with their fans all through giving them the motivation to keep going and never looking back.

But one thing we should all remember is that they are normal human beings; loving their music is one thing but worshiping them is another. Don't mix the two up.

Their parents must be really proud of them, considering how hard it is to make good music and get appreciated for the good work. There are savages in this world, in case you didn't know.

Anyway, Mothers Day was yesterday and they couldn't let the opportunity to celebrate their mothers pass by. Each one of them had a special message for their mum.

Check out what they had to say about their loving mums:

Bien Aime

"Thank you for loving me, teaching, encouraging and raising me. You’re the most special and important woman in my life, now and forever. Love you mum!"

Polycarp (Fancy Fingers)

"So one day I asked my mom, how can you be this awesome? I got it all from my mama...She said. Happy mother's day to my mom 👨and grandma Dani G 👵. More life to you both. ❤️"


"Raising me took a lot of patience and determination. To my mom, my first teacher and my pillar, thanks for not giving up on me. There's no way I can pay you back but my plan is to make this and every other day the best of your life. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY 👩."


"A world without you would be a hollow place. You fill my heart with joy, love and support."