Nollywood Star John Akofor known to many as Mr Ibu has advised women to love and accept themselves just the way they are and avoid skin bleaching.

According to the Nairobian, Mr Ibu is quoted as saying

"When you bleach yourself you look like roasted plantains. Leave your colour the way it is, the way God gave it to you. Do not blame GOD."

Mr Ibu is in Kenya  for a peace concert to be held on July 7 at Uhuru Gardens and at Coast Car Park in Mombasa on July 8. Word also has it that he will be in Kenya for a little longer to shoot a movie.

His advice could be considered timely seeing as Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones removed his tint, while socialite Vera Sidika is said to have gone to great lengths to lighten herself, and join team light skin.

Mr Ibu is known for his comical character on and off stage, and his emphasis of women loving themselves perhaps is from the notion that women often face more peer pressure to look a certain way.
Sadly, skin bleaching sometimes goes horribly wrong especially if you use a quack or fake products. Some negative effects include skin allergies, sensitivity to the sun, uneven skin color etc.
While bleaching has worked for some people some came out worse from the doctors room than when they went in.
For instance the late American singer Michael Jackson who ended up looking like a clown after a failed skin bleaching and reconstruction attempt.