Prezzo and Jaguar have had beef for the longest time now and I personally think they should quash it. I mean now that they are no longer on the same career line.

So Prezzo was one of the guests at the newly launched award ceremony, Radio and Television Personality Awards (RTP).

We caught up with him for an interview where he opened up about alot of issues.

He was mentioned as one of the people who stopped the fist fight between Otile Brown and Timmy T Dat. We asked him what the beef was all about and all he had to say was that something is brewing between them, but he really doesn't know exactly what it is.

He was very categorical saying he does not want the beef to escalate like his and Jaguar's did. This peaked our interest regarding their long standing beef, and we sought to know if he has he decided to patch things up with Jaguar so that they can serve as an example to others.

He loudly exclaimed:

"who is that? who did you say? I don't know him."

When we mentioned Jaguar for the third time where we even called him Mheshimiwa, Prezzo was bitter saying:

"Who is mheshimiwa? I am the president so f**k the mheshimiwa."

So the beef seems to be growing stronger and it is not about to end anytime soon. Come on guys, it's a new year, let's move on and make money!