Breakups can bring you down. And rapper Mejja was almost brought to his knees after his wife left him, took his child and left.

The only communication Mejja got was a text message from the wife telling him, it is over.

His failed marriage left him depressed.

When news broke that Mejja had divorced, his ex apparently said she was abused and thrown out by Mejja.

"I had been sick for quite a while, and this was the time I was recovering. This had just started adding up and I had gotten some gigs here and there. Yaani, blessings were coming in well," he told Annitah Raey.

Mejja said when his wife decided to just leave the house and send him a message on phone, it caught him off-guard.

"We had not disagreed. Actually we were living so happily. That day I was in Thika and I got her message asking me if I had arrived well. I told her yes and the next thing she told me was, 'Move on with your life'. The next time I called her, she neither received my call nor called back."

Mejja said it was the last day his wife was in their house.

"I became so uncomfortable with that message. That was the beginning of everything, and things fell apart. When I went back home she was not there, and a few things in the house were missing. I was so stressed, especially because I had wanted for long to have a family, and now I don't know why she had just decided to leave.

"One day I decided to go see my baby and asked my wife what happened, and she just had no reason."

Being a man, he felt he did not have to open up to his friends, and if he did, how would that even help him?

"It ate me inside for so long but at last I decided to open up. I could not believe that the mother of my child was spending her life with another man. I was not worth being alive because as a man and with my career, you have to be happy, especially when you are performing to people, so I used to fake the smile," Mejja said.

"Committing suicide was one of the thoughts that came to my mind, especially because I felt like there was something wrong. But the best thing was that I had a friend who would come to my house. After three months, though, things started working out and I was able to move on."

So is he ready to love again? "I am in a new relationship, which is better than the previous one. After I got into another relationship, I realised that ata heri ivo alienda because the current relationship that I am in is much better than that."

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