Moji Short Baba
Moji Short Baba
Deputy President William Ruto’s daughter Charlene is among the fans who have recorded themselves dancing to the hit song Vimbada.

The video has gone viral and Kenyans have applauded her for the talent. And now the singer, Moji Short Babaa, has thanked her for the publicity.

“Her video was among those that were shared on my inbox. At first, I did not know that one of the people dancing was the DP’s daughter, until people mentioned in the comments section,” Moji told

Some of the comments were hilarious because they did not believe that the deputy president's daughter would step up to the dance challenge and crush it..

We sampled some of them...

nthenya001: 🔥🔥 Sherlyn can actually dance 😁😁 Cc: @julienduvakariuki come see this

alex_kish_x: Haki wanavimbada vizuri

seanmuigai: Mimi naona mtoto wa ruto vp

erick.kitheka.jr: @seanmuigai yep ni msichana wa Ruto

Moji Short Baba added, “I felt nice to see that we have fans everywhere. She was doing the dance challenge so well.”

What would he tell Charlene if he met her?

“I would be normal to her and thank her for supporting my music. It shows me that and we see there is something they can support. I am friendly and happy with all my fans,” he said.

“I hope our leaders will also support our music like their children are doing. In Kenya we got talents that they need to support.”

Doing the Vimbada challenge was a way of pushing the song to get more viewers.

“So far, the song’s progress is amazing and I thank God for that. Fans have responded positively towards the challenge also,” he said.

“At first we never thought it would be this big, and therefore, we had set nothing as the reward of the best challenge. But now we are thinking of doing something to crown the best.”

Watch the video below.

Charlene and one of her brothers, Nick, have been in the limelight. They attend public events with their father and are very social, and now she has broken the net by dancing to a popular gospel song.

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