The attention and curiosity of Kenyans has been held hostage by the ongoing investigation into the murder of business woman Monicah Kimani.

Monicah was known for living a luxurious life, anything she ever wished for, she got, from visiting exotic locations to driving expensive machines.

She lived in one of the posh neigbourhoods in Nairobi in the Kilimani area. This is where she met her death, hours after jetting into the country from South Sudan.

On Wednesday, September 19 at 6.21pm, Monicah called her brother to announce her arrival in Nairobi from Juba, telling him she will leave for Dubai the next day.

She is dropped at her home, at her Lamuria Gardens Apartment in Kilimani, Off Dennis Pritt Road, with a Taxify at 7.30pm.

30 minuted later, she leaves her third floor flat to collect a delivery from the gate and goes back to her apartment.

Another 30 minuted later, a neighbour, Owen, arrives at Monicah's house to deliver a South Sudanese car number plate she had given him earlier and requested it be insulated.

At around the same time, another neighbour, a Lebanese, having realised that Monicah was at home, joins her at A8 apartment.

At 8.45pm, Jowie drives in with Jacque Maribe's car. He is dressed in a pair of jeans, a grey hoodie, a cap and a white robe, popularly known as a kanzu, arrives, hugs Monica and goes straight to the kitchen then returns with a glass of wine. At the gate, he registered himself as "Dominic Kamau".

15 minutes later, the two neighbours - a lebanese man and Owen - leave Monicah with Jowie in the house.

Jowie was the last documented person to be seen with Monicah.

Meanwhile, at 11.30am Monicah's brother, George Kimani, having failed to reach his sister the whole night decides to visit her apartment together with his girlfriend, to ascertain her safety.

They knocked the door of her apartment. After attempting for 30 minutes to get an answer to no avail. At noon, George Kimani with the help of neighbours and a friend, break into Monicah's flat and find her dead in the bathtub.

Monicah's neck had been slit from ear to ear. Her mouth was taped shut, her hands tied at the back. Her feet were also bound.

The killer left the water running.

George said Monicah did not have clothes except her underwear which was torn on one side.

Later that day at 3.30pm, police analyse the scene of crime and take Monicah's body to Chiromo Mortuary.

George said on the fateful morning, Monica was to meet the family after landing from South Sudan where she was taking care of their family business Millipaul General Trading.

The family became concerned when she did not answer their calls.

Their mother Millicent requested George to go to her apartment and check on her.

Monicah has spoken from the grave by showing us a sneak peak into how her life was before it was snuffed off.

In one of her Instagram posts she coyly writes, "happy new month."

While in another she add, "Atleast the sun is out today".

And one of her posts showing off her posh apartment, she pens the message:

"Lord knows I needed some sun in this house it's been freezing."

Check out the most talked about house in the ongoing murder case, as documented by Monicah herself.