Comedian Njugush has opened up about a time in his career when people doubted he would be the comedy power house that he has proven to be.
"If I decide to do anything it is all about me. When I left TV, the same people said my career was done. After my comeback, the same people are now embracing what I am doing," Njugush said.

"That is why I say, if you listen to people you will always lose focus, because if I listened to them, probably I would not be this far. To everyone out there, do what you want so long as it is bringing food on your table."

The comedian added, "We have one life to live and it is us who limit ourselves. I wake up everyday with a different plan since I realised I can do anything under the sun."

Njugush, who recently featured in Fena Gitu's new song Sijaskia Vibaya, dismissed fears he may lose followers if he diverts from comedy.

However, he dismissed that perception.

"I have more things to do apart from comedy because it has been my own journey," Njugush told Word Is, adding that he will be singing more."

Njugush was also among five Kenyan brands feted with the YouTube Silver Play Button Award this month, which he says is a plus to his career and other youths.

"That award means that people are watching YouTube content, unlike earlier on, when you had to be under a production house for people to view your content, which I think was limiting young people to express freely."

Adding, "Young people out there have everything it takes to give content on YouTube. It was even a plus to me especially to get the award from my former boss Abel Mutua. That means you can be a content producer and you don't have to be under anyone."

The Silver Play Button Award is given to YouTube content creators who reach or surpass the 100,000 subscriber mark.

Other awards include the Gold and Diamond Creator Award, presented for 1 million subscribers and 10 million subscribers respectively.

Njugush activated his account a year ago and has over 120,000 subscribers now.

"Someone advised me to push my work on YouTube because Kenyans are hungry for content," Njugush said

Others awarded together with him include musician Nyashinski, Real House Helps of Kawangware, Africa Movies, and KTN News Kenya.