Vera Sidika is one woman who is full of surprises. She has been making headlines for a pretty long time and it's all based on her relationship with Otile Brown.

The two have been making headlines because of their relationship. Otile broke upo with Vera once again and Vera took to YouTube to reveal that he borrowed her 500k to buy a Mercedes Benz, but when she refused, he broke up with her.

Later on, we got to find out that Vera has a new bae from Tanzania called Calisah. Calisah is a model and we also got to find out that he has a wife.

Well, it seems that all this was a publicity stunt as Vera released her first music video and Calisah is a video vixen.

First of all, who knew Vera was an artiste? This has come as a shock to many considering she's never talked about being interested in being an artiste.

Taking to social media, she announced that this was her first song and music video.

"My first song & music video Nalia is out on YouTube. Written by Vera Sidika

Produced by @teddybproducer

Directed by @a_macharia

Executive producer @sammydee_ke."

Well, check out the music video below;