She has two children, Max and Emme, with ex Marc Anthony.

But now Jennifer Lopez is apparently getting involved with the parenting of current beau Alex Rodriguez's two daughters as well.

The 49-year-old On the Floor singer reportedly inserted herself into child support negotiations which are ongoing between Rodriguez and his ex Cynthia, according to .

It seems Lopez attended a meeting between the two parties on September 13th, and wasn't shy when it came to getting involved.

Sources told the outlet that 'J-Lo's presence blindsided Cynthia,' a at one point even persuaded the retired slugger to leave the room.

Things went from bad to worse when Lopez allegedly suggested that Rodriguez should only pay $10,000 in child support a month, instead of the approximately $100,000 he has been paying.

Rodriguez shares two daughters with his ex Cynthia, Natasha and Ella.

Negotiations were scheduled to continue to the next day, but were seemingly abandoned following the conflict.

It seems JLo is not backing down either, and has continued to try to direct the unfortunate situation.

'She's driving the bus,' said one source in regards to Rodriguez's thoughts on the matter.

While Cynthia and her attorney have declined to comment on the legal proceedings, she did talk to last week about her relationship with the former ballplayer.