Vera Sidika is all about speaking her truth and not leaving anything out. Well, in an interview with Adelle and Shaffie on Breakfast with the Stars, Vera opened up about her latest song and how she found herself recording her first single 'Nalia'.

"I had a plan, I did not really push it. I didn't take myself to that level yet but I had plans to get into music. My mum actually pushed me to do it. The person who inspired me to get into music is one producer, Haji. There was a time my ex was recording and I used to take him to the studio and he would be in the booth and I would be like singing because I've heard the song a couple of times and the producer would be like whooh Vee you can sing and I'm like really and he's like yeah you can actually do so good. You should try music.And I was like I don't think so."

She went ahead to reveal that her ex discouraged her from venturing into music, stating that she would be doing too much.

"My ex was like I don't think you should because you'll look like you are trying too hard. Maybe you should do what you can."

So Shaffie wanted to confirm if the ex she was referring to was Otile and she said yes.

"Yes because when a producer says that you can sing, you have that like confidence that if he can say that then it means I could. So when he came out and I was like he said I could actually sing, he was like I dont think you should because it will look like you're trying too much and all that. So I was like maybe that's true so I just brushed it off. Afterwards I thought it wouldn't hurt to try it out."

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