Jalang'o kiss
Jalang'o kiss
Betty Kyallo has joined team K24 a few days ago in a grand entrance after teasing Kenyan a whole day as the mysterious VIP.

Betty Kyallo promised her fans she will bring in something different on the screen and she started a new segment, Up Close.

She featured her colleague, Jalang'o, on the first episode where she went to pick him up in his house early in the morning and spent the better part of the day with him.

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The show is just to give fans a deeper understanding of their celebrities lives behind all the glam, we either see on screen.

Just as Betty was waiting for Jalang'o outside his house, he walked out gave her a side hug then bam! A kiss on her cheek.

From the look of things, they look comfortable with each other during and after the kiss.

That did not stop Betty's segment from going on. They drove off to the work discussing  Jalang'o's life. prepares for his show and just and dive into his life as a public figure.

Here is a screenshot of their kiss: