Last week, Offset and Cardi B announced that they were separating. The couple has been plagued with cheating rumors, throughout their one-year marriage.

MTO News reported that the lovely couple is back together. As Cardi B has agreed to take back her husband Offset.

However, Cardi B is forcing Offset to put his money where his mouth is - he will now have to pay her $10M(Ksh 1Billion) if he cheats on her again.

It's reported, that Offset offered up a deal to his wife, that was just too good to pass up. Offset agreed to a financial penalty if he's caught cheating again.

The source to the publication revealed adding, "Offset said he won't cheat and offered up 10 [million dollars] if he cheats." Cardi reportedly agreed on the deal and wanted to put the “cheat penalty” in writing.

Their source, said that Cardi and Offset are no longer “separated” and are now “working on” their marriage again.

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