Have you heard or seen the American 'mzungu' lady with a Luhya accent?

Just so you know, it's better than most Kenyan comedians doing the Luhya accent!

A video of the mzungu lady humorously pouring her heart out for the love of Blue Band margarine in perfect Luhya accent has taken social media by storm.

Starting the video, she speaks with a fluent American accent as she allegedly tries Blue Band for the first time, thereafter, she drastically switches it up and starts speaking in fluent Swahili with the Luhya accent.

She goes ahead to state that margarine is the reason behind most ladies getting curvy and adds white people do not know that hence why they have flat bum bums.

She said;

“Ebu onako tu vile wazungu wanakula blueband, wana mringo mingi sijui wanailetanga kutoka wapi. Hawajui utamu wa Blue band. Wacha nikuambie siri ushaona mzungu – most wazungu hawananga ma**o. M**o yao inakuaga tu flat sababu ya hio…Hawakulangi Blue Band na hawajui utamu wa Blue Band. Blue Band infanya mtu ananona in all the right places, unanielewa?”

The lady is said to be Pearl Lwoyelo, married to one John; a Kenyan missionary and have two children.

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You can check out the video below.