msupa s
msupa s
Msupa S is about to trend heavy today.

Last time we heard from her, she was rumored to be pregnant. She went ahead to state claims of having been impregnated by her producer are false news, however, when she will be expecting a baby she will be more than pleased to share the news with her fans.

The trolls did not stop and so Msupa S took it further by posting a picture of her tummy on social media and captioned:

Let me make it clear for those who think I am pregnant I am soo sory but I am not!!! Before u open your smelly mouth be carefull,ati msupa s amenda ushago juu ako na ball plz ulinieka ball enyewe

Msupa S made the situation worse because now trolls looked past the pregnancy and started trolling her because of her grammatically errored tweet.

Read the comments in the story below:

Well today, she might be making the move to getting a baby this 2019. She has severally denied dating her producer but the picture she posted today tells more than 1000 words.

In the picture, Msupa S shares a kiss with her producer and captions:

Me and my hubby

Of course, social media trolls woke up again and on one comment she responded to a hater and said: 'let us be'.

Most celebrities refrain from posting their baes on social media because they like that part of their life private. Research shows that women post their relationship on social media either to prove that they are couple goals or they are insecure and want to mark their territory.

Now we are sure the two are dating and maybe married as she refers to him as hubby. Love is a beautiful thing so let her enjoy and sink in it.

What could Msupa S' message be?